Arrival at Vancouver BC airport - our experience...

by Roberto!, Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 20:43 (4 days ago) @ maggie

When we returned to YVR in mid November, no one asked us for our ArriveCan information, however, upon exiting we were "randomly" selected to exit via Door A which required us to fill out contact information and then proceed on to another station where we had another PCR test --- in spite of the fact we had taken one 2 days previously in Zihua to the tune of CAN$375. (for 2 people). I pointed out that we had taken a PCR test prior to leaving which was negative but no one seemed interested in that information nor did they ask to see our results.

After the PCR test we had to go to another station to be briefed on how we were to deal with things if this latest test turned out positive. Then we finally went through the final check point where they verified we had visited the three previous stations and then they allowed us to exit the airport.

We received our test results taken at YVR via email early the next morning which were negative.

All told it took about an extra 3/4 of an hour but that is depending on the lineup and how many people they "randomly" select. Procedures have probably changed somewhat because that seems to be the way the authorities are attempting to staunch the spread of the new variants.


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