Arrival at Vancouver BC airport

by maggie, Thursday, January 13, 2022, 10:02 (3 days ago) @ Ironwood

Yes it was the RT Lamp test...Too frustrating for words! I finally reached the instruction to scan the QR code attached to the device. I did and the code showed up in the google line but safari said; no results for your search and instead directed me to a military site with info about B1 Bombers~~~hmm started feeling like I had been tossed into an Ed Wood Sci-Fi movie and at that point gave up. It took a salad, a glass of wine and a swim in the pool before I calmed down and saw some humour in the experience.
I will send both Shield health and Air Canada an email describing my experience. although not expecting a refund I certainly will ask.

As to YVR arrival...
Thank you all for sharing your experiences, helps allay my anxieties...
The retesting of Canadians after we've been tested 72 or 48 hours prior and are triple or double vaccinated is~~ perhaps harassment is too strong but more of a chastisement for defying the travel so many wayward children arriving after curfew. Annoying, tedious and a colossal waste of human resources, time and tests that are needed elsewhere.
Now back to the beach for my final full glorious day.

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