Longer Term Lodging next year Jan -April 2023

by EstebanZI, Thursday, January 13, 2022, 16:31 (5 days ago) @ Grumpy in Lake Cowichan

AirBnB for extended stays are possible. I have 9 years as a Permanent Resident in ZI. But due to COVID July 2020 I went back to USA to assist with grandkids and remote learning. I have rented annually -not bought in ZI. But decided to give up my apartment thinking I would be gone for a year +. Which I was. I am using AirBnB’s right now waiting for the high season to be over and more long term-annual rentals to be available. You are looking for lots of extra features that I choose to set aside. But …AirBnB monthly rates are discounted by 1/2 . And once you can speak with the owner of the property being rented deals can be made for annual rentals. I have found mine Discounted by 70% per month on annual handshake agreement. . And in the meantime I am staying on the “cheap” and moving a couple times during my first 3 months back. Currently my monthly room is $250USD. Shared kitchen. No pool In Centro away from the bars and restaurants.

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