Resplandor del ZIHelo Tropical

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, January 17, 2022, 19:53 (127 days ago) @ Ironwood

The number that is considered most idicative up here is hospitalizations. I’m not sure that that works well in Zihuatanejo, since, as I understand it, folks tend not to go to the hospital as frequently as we do. I am concerned that the road ahead will be rocky there since it is felt that the best protection is with full vaccination and a booster, and few, if any in Zihuatanejo have had boosters. I hope it continues to be less severe, but I think the jury is still out on that.

If the "rate of lethality" is the number of deaths per 100 confirmed cases, ......and I'm guessing that in both Zihua's and Mexico's cases, because many of those actually suffering from COVID reportedly choose NOT to go to hospital, "confirmed cases" may be only the tip of the iceberg......then reported rates of lethality like 6% (Zihua) or 6.9% (Mexico) or 11% (Petatlan) or 19% (La Union)......compared to the USA (1.3%), Canada (1.1%) or the world (1.7%) are truly sobering.

I believe you may be interpreting the numbers a bit wrong. I'm pretty sure that if Mexico tested as frequently and as many people as the USA and Canada that there would be much less disparity in the numbers. The facts that we test so little and generally have less access to medical facilities skew the numbers. That's why I keep stressing not to measure Mexico's experience with the wrong measuring stick. Living here and seeing daily reports from across the nation I just don't see that great a difference in the bottom line effects on our societies, only in the responses by individuals.

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