Why ALL people in Zihuatanejo should wear masks!!!

by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 00:20 (125 days ago) @ jaui

I think it’s obvious that I feel that it would be irresponsible to visit if you aren’t vaxxed and boosted.

From what I’ve read at the present it seems like most of the unmasked are visitors. Since I’m not there,I really can’t express an opinion. Bottom line is we know omicron is present worldwide, so it stands to reason that with the current increase in numbers there it is Zihuatanejo too. In addition we can surmise that since there have been no boosters the local people are susceptible.

We also know that in vaxxed and boosted people breakthroughs are more common and that hospitalization is sometimes necessary and a few have died. Although the viral lode seems lower, a vaxxed and boosted person could still transmit although the odds are lower.

A visitor should mask first out of courtesy, we are visitors in their country, second because we could be an asymptotic carrier and transmit to our hosts, and third simply for our own protection. Remember if you end up positive, you’re not going home. Should you be unlucky and need hospitalization you will be putting unnecessary strain an a fragile system.

The folks there clearly need to mask because that is their best defense until they are boosted.

Most of the other stuff is Covid theater. Hand washing can’t hurt, cleaning surfaces is probably not worth the effort.

Right now I would be very concerned about group activities even if folks are masked.

We will be there in five weeks. My plan is to mask pretty much anytime I am around other people even if outdoors. Transportation will be walking or a cab with the windows open. Even if everyone is masked combis have a higher level of risk. I will not eat indoors. As much as I’d like to explore the food court, even though it is open air, there are just too many people. Sunday night at the basketball court is out of the question, just too many folks.
With these restrictions, we will have an almost normal trip and do our best to be considerate visitors.

Just my 2¢. I don’t the local answer to Dr. Fauci, but I graduated Med School in 1975 and spent the majority of my career as an Emergency Doc. FWIW we just cancelled a trip to Baltimore because my soon to be 3 year old granddaughter can’t be vaccinated and the risk to her is simply too great. We will miss her birthday.

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