What's your favorite special occasion Restaurant?

by Mag B, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 15:55 (126 days ago) @ BL

We celebrated our 29th anniversary at Amuleto last week. I don’t know if there is a fancier place in Zihua.
Food is excellent ( presentation and taste). Service is vert good. We arrived early enough to witness the sunset. It is part of the show. The view is incredibly beautiful. Even for us who enjoy playa La Ropa view, every day.

There is no « a la carte « , only a 3 courses menu with a good choice for a fix price of 1350 pesos / person. The cocktails are around 200 pesos each. 1 liter bottle of water is around 80-90 pesos. We didn’t ordered wine, i don’t know the prices.
I wouldn’t have spent that money if it wasn’t our anniversary. There are so many places with delicious food and view around !

But it was special, kind of magical.

You have to make a reservation.

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