Why ALL people in Zihuatanejo should wear masks!!!

by Ironwood @, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 15:18 (125 days ago) @ Timmac

I guess I could have been more clear. Yes, transmission is indeed a two way street. I think the incidence in residents is likely to be higher and presumably visitors are vaxxed and boosted. They could be infected, but it is less likely. I think it is probably more likely that a visitor could have a breakthrough infection, be asymptomatic, and transmit to a local who would have less immunity since he has not been boosted. If someone is unwise enough to visit without being vaxxed and boosted, I think the odds would be high he would be infected. Bottom line everybody needs to mask around other people and to avoid large groups. Were I king, I’d eliminate all large group gatherings for the time being.

I appreciate the time you spend and the information you dispense as the Board's "unofficial Doc". I need a medical opinion.
We spent 3 weeks in Zihua in Nov/Dec, and are hoping for another trip....6 weeks this time....from late Feb - early April. We are Canadian, full-vaxxed and boosted. We both had negative PCR tests around 20 December.

Fact: Canadians require a negative PCR test within 72 hours of returning to Canada
Fact: PCR tests cost anywhere from $100-$300 per person
Fact: PCR test results are far more reliable than the cheaper antigen tests.

The scenario: One of us, Heaven forbid, tests positive during the 72 hours before our flight home in early April.

Question: How long, after receiving a positive PCR test result, should one have to wait before testing again?

(Given the costs of PCR testing, one wouldn't want to take the test too
soon, chancing another positive result. And since the gap between the
first positive result, and the follow-up test is likely more than 72
hours, both travelers would have to be re-tested, even if only one had
originally tested positive. And return flights could only be booked
AFTER both had re-tested negative, and would have to leave within 72
hours of the re-test. So, assuming $200 per PCR test, an initial
positive test result for one person has now mushroomed into at least
$800 in PCR costs, without any guarantee whatsoever that enough time has
elapsed to ensure a negative result. Taking the second PCR test too soon
might add another $400 to the total....now we're at $1200...ad nauseum)

I suppose, after that first positive PCR test, one could try a cheaper antigen test, before spending the big bucks for a second PCR test, but antigen tests haven't proven to be all that reliable.

Add the extreme hassle of changing and arranging flights, possible problems extending one's hotel stay, etc., etc...... and a positive PCR test result for only one of you could easily become the stuff of nightmares, financial and emotional.

I've almost talked ourselves out of risking it.

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