Covid positive upon departure

by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 15:51 (124 days ago) @ GolfSuper49

Came to Zihua on 12/18 and stayed a week, took Primera Plus bus from ZIH to DF and back to the house in Queretaro 12/24. 12/26 started the symptoms and on 12/30 the day before my return flight to here in Florida tested positive and then again on 1/4. AeroMexico did not give changes to ticket and had to pay an extra $300 to get the one way ticket back. Took me about 12 days to get somewhat better (had 2 moderna the wife 2 phizer) and we were the only ones out of the family who got sick. Finally tested negative on 1/9 and and then again day before the flight back to the USA. We followed all the protocols and still caught it.

It doesn’t look like you had the booster, without the booster you don’t have much immunity. Admittedly boosted people still get it but the odds are substantially.
If I had to bet on the culprit, it would be the bus.

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