In my opinion

by Leftcoast, Thursday, January 20, 2022, 08:46 (123 days ago)

Just got back from Zihua on my 9 day trip
. Before we left we had scheduled testing
At our hotel the day before our flight.Arranged
With the hotel manager incase we tested
Positive. He said he would take care of us.
We are fully vaxed and boosted. Went to dinner
At Anys,Bandidos,El Arryaan, Sierna Gorda
And Bistro del Mar. Also went on the Picante
Sunset cruise. Went to the basketball court
For games on Saturday and Sunday. Ate homemade
Tamales which were awesome. We wore are masks
In town 99 percent of the time. If you aren't
Vaxed and boosted good luck. Alot of people
Say there vaxed but I don't no. The testing at the
Hotel very proffesional they arrived early
Results back in two hours. Seventy three dollars each. Certification
Papers at the hotel in the morning. Maybe
We got lucky I don't know. This is serious

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