But it’s not Red

by Little Guy @, Monday, April 25, 2022, 13:41 (29 days ago) @ millennial

Troncones has had a couple of stinky weeks, but today seems not too bad.

Although it is referred to as “red tide”, the phenomenon in Troncones has seemed to be very green.

HABs (harmful algal blooms) from cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) can appear as a foam, scum, or mat on or just below the surface of water and can take on various colors depending on their pigments. Cyanobacteria blooms in freshwater lakes or rivers may appear bright green, often with surface streaks which looks like floating paint. Cyanobacterial blooms are a global problem.

Most blooms occur in warm waters with excessive nutrients. The harmful effects from such blooms is due to the toxins they produce or from using up oxygen in the water which can lead to fish die-offs. Not all algal blooms produce toxins, however, with some only discoloring water, producing a smelly odor, or adding a bad taste to the water. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell if a bloom is harmful from just appearances, since sampling and microscopic examination is required.


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