Trip Report 16/4/2022 - 23/4/2022

by Craig AKA the cruise ship guy @, Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 18:13 (27 days ago)

Flights and airport could not have been quicker except they decided 3 large suitcases were too much for 2 for 7 nights. They went through everything but I had receipts for all the gifts. Wife was not happy as she packed everything really neat and now it was a mess. On the way back we were at the gate 10 minutes after walking in the airport. First time at BVG Residential and really enjoyed it much better than their marina location that we stayed at in January. Everything was pretty crowded Easter weekend but manageable after the weekend it was much nicer. Maybe it just a different type of tourist in April compared to January and the raisinets crowd. Did La Bara de Potosi and Petatlan one day cost me a little gold but wife went easy on me. Small game fishing was good, big game not so much. Did a couple of massages on the beach at $450 an hour, wife was happy.

As usual did not have a bad meal, we had a great time at La Porteña, there were 9 of us and they made everything perfect. Went to a few local restaurants with our taxi driver friend and family. Really enjoyed them, great food and so inexpensive. Funny how you offer to buy dinner to someone in the U.S. and they will choose something much more expensive than they would ever pay but the opposite here. Did our usual sunset dinner at Ill Mare, got the best table in the entire restaurant as I reminded them that they lost our reservation last time when I made the reservation for this trip.

For our walks the wife only made it out once as her knee was bothering her. Took the cyclopista to Playa Lynda then Azul Grand but still no tejones for her. Ever since the shutdown we cannot find them anymore. 3 other times my friend and I walked to Zihuatanejo and back, 10 - 12 miles on my iPhone each trip but I don’t know if I will be doing this when we return in October due to the heat. All in all it was one of our best trips except we missed Dave by a week or 2 so no shots at the pool!

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