Arrebato: Trouble in Paradise

by rico suave, Tuesday, May 03, 2022, 16:36 (20 days ago)

Casa Arrebato is a private home on the main road next to Embarc. It is listed for rent on VRBO.

Sadly, our Casa Arrebato rental last fall ended up being a disappointment. The house itself is lovely-it is the owner that was quite difficult. Arrebato is her second home and everything in it is personal and precious. Consequently, she kept a close eye on the property at the expense of our privacy. There were 3 staff members in the home daily from 8am until 5pm who reported back to her. She called us on the phone frequently during our stay which quickly became intrusive. There are multiple security cameras inside the house and she monitored the footage. No privacy!

Some specific issues with Arrebato:

• Listing photo included chairs and umbrella on the beach. Upon our arrival we were told that beach chairs and umbrellas were not permitted.

• One set of keys for 4 adults made coming and going difficult

• Private path to the beach has 2 rusted gates with heavy rusted chains/locks on them that you had to open and close every time you went in/out. Easier to walk the long way around to get down to the beach.

• The tap water is non-potable. We were not informed of this upon arrival. The only drinking water provided was 8 oz bottles. No 5 gallon purified water for our use.

• We found Arrebato on VRBO and made our booking there. The owner later proposed that we cancel our VRBO reservation and rent directly from her. With a direct rental, she eliminated all tax/service fees, thus saving us $$. We later learned the downside of direct rental when we got into the dispute over the security deposit and had no recourse.

• 10 days after we left, I inquired about the return of our security deposit. She replied that we had broken a ceramic vase and thus she was keeping the full $500 deposit. No discussion, just keeping our deposit. A vase was indeed broken but we were not responsible. She refused to take our word for it and stated that she would bill us for replacement cost that exceeded the $500 deposit. After weeks of back and forth, her husband offered to refund ½ of our deposit.

This house would be fine if you do not value your privacy and you have little interest in the beach itself. That was our 6th visit to Zihuatenejo and the first time we have been disappointed. It goes without saying that we will return to Zihuatenejo but never again to Arrebato.

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