Canadian Model of Abortion Rights

by jay @, Sunday, May 22, 2022, 20:47 (44 days ago) @ Bart

I stand by my original statement....there will not be a law passed to ban birth control. Do you think politicians don't use birth control? When I say birth control, I'm talking about the pill, condoms etc.

You're probably half right - not all contraceptives will be banned. but it's a near certainty that some will. There are already moves to ban IUDs in some states because it's seen as an abortifacient. That's a matter of opinion. Other methods will probably be banned too for the same reasons (or flimsy excuses). And yeah, politicians, even Republicans, do use contraception. But their worldview consists of controlling other's behavior, while reserving those rights for themselves. Abortion (and condoms) for me but not for thee. Same as always.

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