Abortion & Anticontraception Rights

by jay @, Monday, May 23, 2022, 12:51 (44 days ago) @ Bart

I'll take these one at a time:

Record inflation,

Inflation was much worse in the seventies, hitting double digits.

record gas prices,

Adjusted for inflation, gas prices were higher twenty years ago.

record crime,

Have you ever taken a look at crime stats from the seventies and eighties? Violent crime was much worse back then.

empty food shelves

While there may have been empty food shelves during the pandemic (which was understandable) the only missing item now is infant formula. And that's a result of Trump's idiotic trade wars and a huge recall of domestic product. I'm hard pressed to find Biden to blame for that.

chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan

Any time you try to evacuate 110,000 people in a short time-frame there's going to be a good deal of chaos. Accomplishing it all in just ten days was actually a remarkable achievement.

rising tensions with China and Russia

When haven't there been tensions with China and Russia? Maybe the invasion of Ukraine had something to do with that.

I know it's your job to bash Biden at every opportunity, but at least you could exhibit some intellectual honesty in the process.

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