CFE requirements ?

by mexicoman @, Playa Del Carmen, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 14:02 (43 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I just spent some time learning about all of this. RFC's are going to be required for lots of things starting this year. No big deal, EXCEPT that getting an appointment to get one may take a long time.

I went to the website to make an appointment and was put in the "virtual line" and supposedly will receive an email when an appointment is available.

Will this be before June 30? Doubt it, and hopefully since lots of people will be in this position CFE won't start shutting off electricity! :stirpot:

I just read yesterday on Surviving Yucatan that people are traveling from Merida to Tabasco to register with SAT because of the 3-4 month wait.

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