PaZIHfico Agitado

by Dianled @, Oregon, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 23:07 (42 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Today, after being back from Zihua for a month, I searched Playa Linda to see what information I could find on the new pier. I opened this recent post. On a prior 2017 trip we went to Isla Ixtapa and the loading onto water taxi was frightening. I was sure when we went last month it would be better. We took friends who were with us on their first trip to Zihua. Our experience was NOT good. The ocean surges were terrible. Getting into the boat, I was nervous, but knew I could fall into the taxi. At the island, a man on the taxi in front us fell between the boat and dock. Lots of guys to pull him up. Soooo. Have to return. Same situation. At Playa Linda dock, the surges were very bad, I got pulled up but the dock was full of visitors waiting to board and once up, I almost lost my balance as there was nothing to hold to and the bottom tier was full of people. Must also add, I am in 70”s, but able to maneuver quite well. We have been via panga once. Next time we will go beach to beach!

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