Barra de Potosí Ocean Sail T-shirt

by ArchJeff, Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 21:47 (35 days ago)

Back in 2014 some friends went to Barra de Potosí. Bob and Judy, Kathy and Russel, Ted and John, Ron, and Chris and I, we took the bus. We all had seafood for lunch sitting under a canopy to get out of the sun, I had conch. We laughed and joked. I bought some seashells from a young woman. It was hot so we took a dip in the ocean after lunch. It's such a beautiful area. Walking along the beach I took a photo of a sailboat in the bay. The white sailboat stood out against the blue water and the blue sky.

At the risk of sounding artsy, I was inspired by George Seurat and his points of color. I think the abstraction conveys the feel of the moment. It's still one of my favorite days in Mexico. I keep one of the shells on a shelf where I see it most every day.

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