Taxis and tortillas

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 02, 2022, 17:38 (33 days ago) @ Oeste Hermoso

(1) I have read elsewhere of the pohlease hassling tortilla vendors. What is that all about? (2) Significant shortage of taxis. My taxi drivers say there are not enough customers so many drivers are staying home or working elsewhere. Others tell me the cooperative is manipulating to increase prices. There can be strikes if the workers do not have an employer as the term is not strictly limited to lab/mgt disputes (hunger strikes, rent strikes etc). What is happening? Reducing supply to match demand or withdrawing of service to force increase in cost of service? ‘Labour market adjustment’ or ‘taxi strike’? And how does the burning of taxis come into the matter?

As I repeat here ad nauseum, I can't imagine what Fonatur was thinking putting a tourist resort in a remote and lawless region of Guerrero.

Public transport is apparently being threatened and extorted by criminals, and apparently so are the tortilla makers. There have also been grotesque murders of transportation workers and leaders. Anyone who looks like they're making money will get extorted here. This is what happens when a place goes decades without a professional police force at the same time that Prohibition 2.0 continues creating more and more powerful gangs of organized criminals well supplied with firearms and money from el otro lado.

We can also thank the lovely road to Morelia for the increasing insecurity in our region. El efecto cucaracha of criminals fleeing from one zone to another comes in waves, and it looks like we're having a tsunami. Enjoy the ride.

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