Chismes y PrecauZIHones

by Ironwood @, Friday, June 03, 2022, 01:16 (33 days ago) @ jaui


@Z Rob

Aside from your mention about " A beer depository was set on fire today"
do you think that THAT is the only thing involved in the commotion?
This, that, or the other crime be it big-time or small-time, is not too unusual.

So, what's the additional scoop causing the shut-downs?

Example: Around 8:45 p.m I was at Sam's Club, that normally closes at 10 p.m.
Just before 9 p.m., workers frantically went through the aisles telling the few customers that were shopping, to go to the checkout, as they were going to close early.
Una de las encargadas mencionó el problema de la violencia en la zona, y por ello, estaba cerrando temprano.

Curious as to why you switched to Spanish for that last sentence. Reading other posts, I had initially wondered if the carefully-couched wording in some posts about "closings" were somehow connected to the start of hurricane season. But it's clear Zihua's "hurricane" has a human form.
Reminds me of a scare in Zihua well more than a decade ago, when the bad guys had supposedly issued a warning for everyone to stay off the streets in Centro one evening. Sitting at Salvador's original spot at the Adelita end of the footbridge over La Boquita, one gringo long-term resident warned us that we could be shot if we ventured into Centro. Were we brave or just stupid? We went, we survived.

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