Chismes y PrecauZIHones

by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Wednesday, June 08, 2022, 14:29 (28 days ago) @ Ironwood

Can you do an English translation and post it? Given the ominous rumours and chisme over recent days, I'm sure lots of Board participants are interested.

Not much there...only 4 paragraphs and the foto is archival.

The spokesperson says (paraphrasing) they are determined to get the drugs, guns, money and property out of the hands of the bad guys and stop their ability to perpetrate crime and violence.

The operation runs from June 7 to June 12.

That's the crux of it.

(On June 14, it becomes "Operation Everyone Thinks We Left Two Days Ago But Now Shit's About To Get Real".)

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