by Tom in WI @, Friday, June 10, 2022, 13:57 (25 days ago)

Hola Amigos! Sun Country Airlines posted their 2022-23 flight schedule earlier this week for round-trip, non-stop MSP-ZIH, and, pleasantly enough, their prices have NOT increased significantly from previous years. We booked our trip back to paradise from Jan 4 through March for about $525 each, a very similar rate to past trips, surprisingly enough when considering the drastic upswing in oil and fuel prices. Very much looking forward to getting back to Ixtapa and Zihua for the fifteenth time, and hoping all of the current health normalcy continues to prevail there, as well as here in the States. Anyone else from the Upper Midwest who is looking for a great place to spend the winter at a good price - come on board!!

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