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A friend wants to travel to Zihuatanejo with me. She is totally vegan. Are there any vegan restaurants?

Ah, my favorite topic, food, and especially vegan food. She is in for a rare treat. There is a restaurant called Entre Zankas in el Centro that is totally vegan. Chef Ceci is a master at vegan meals. Check out their reviews on Now please forewarn her that the restaurant space is shared with her husband's restaurant, Mitos, which offers fine dining with plenty of meat and fish options. If she is hardcore and wants to avoid any establishment that even offers non-vegan options, then this will be a problem. (Mitos is also an awesome restaurant.) Tell them Crazy Paquito sent you. In my humble opinion, for vegans, Entre Zankas alone is worth the trip to beautiful Zihuatanejo.

There are other vegan options in Zihuatanejo. On Saturday mornings, there is a eco-themed market by the school near the pedestrian bridge leading to Playa la Madera, Eco-Tianguis Sanka. One of the local vegan restaurants has a booth there and the food is awesome. The restaurant, Casita Ecovegana de Zihuatanejo Cooperativa, is only a short walk from el Centro but if you are not comfortable walking, then a taxi ride would only be a few minutes.

In the evenings, there is a food court / event space also very close to the pedestrian bridge leading to Playa la Madera called Mercadito Zanka. There you will find La Raiz de la Tierra. The vegan food is decent but the options are limited.

As Rob pointed out, much of Mexican fare is either vegetarian or vegan. Be careful, though. Often, dairy cheese is liberally included in dishes. And it is typical for the beans and tortillas to have been made with lard (which is why they taste so darned good, of course). I have made it a point to visit many restaurants and ask what kind of dish they could throw together. You can typically get them to make vegetable fajitas with beans and tortillas. And the sushi places either have vegan options or will make something special for you. One example is Kadi close to Playa la Madera. The chef made a special vegan roll for me that was exquisite. I said in my horrible Spanish that they have to put it on the menu and call it the Vegan Roll, Rollo Vegano. The mesero told me they would name it after me, Rollo Paco. What an honor!


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