Cost of accommodation

by Ironwood @, Thursday, June 23, 2022, 21:08 (54 days ago) @ Talley Ho

Unfortunately, it appears that your long time hosts don't want you to return.

Sure sounds like it. $50 USD per day ?? 1000 pesos per day? 30,000 pesos per month?? Just for the A/C? That owner should be charged with usury....or something.
The last place we stayed in Zihua, this past spring, from mid-Feb. to early April, we paid a daily equivalent of 575 pesos.....yes, $28.75 USD.... for a large, 1-room, with 1 king and 1 dbl. bed, little kitchenette with two-burner gas hotplate, fridge and microwave, cable TV, a great ceiling fan AND A/C, on a very quiet sidestreet, excellent security, 2 minute walk from Plaza Kioto and 14 minute walk from Soriana. No pool....who needs a pool when you have La Ropa?
We're shocked at what some folks are willing to pay for lodging in Zihua.

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