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I have been renting the same condo for years, but for 2023 I have been asked to pay 50 USD more per night to run the AC in one bedroom. Is this reasonable?

No Donna, sounds like a major rip-off and abuse.
My thought would be that in a roundabout manner, the people are trying to get you out of your condo, by making it unaffordable.

" The majority of people here, MEXICANS from this region, neither need nor use A/C either. Neither they nor I consider the temps "inhumane".

I was not referring to the outdoor temperature, rather to a room(s) inside a residence that gets up to the high 30s, and lower 40s (mid 80°F - 110°F) is comfortable for the majority of people in the area, that they don't seem to mind those extremes, and that it promotes a good nights sleep, and thus, they don't "need" A/C to get relief from those extreme temps, that's your opinion.

Sleep experts indicate that a comfortable temperature is an important factor in getting a good nights sleep.
Suggested ranges I've read are approximately 68 -74°F, and certainly not in the 80°+ range much less over 100°F.

Additionally, another factor that could be why "the majority of people here, MEXICANS from this region" don't use A/C is the cost of both the unit, and the electric bill, they just can't afford it on the typical incomes workers receive, as simple as that.
Have you taken that into account with your comments against my post?
My CFE bimonthly bills jumped around 1,600 pesos more with the A/C usage, than I had without A/C.
So again, for many people on low incomes, that could be their food budget for the month, so they don't use A/C for economic reasons, more than any other reason I suspect, bottom line is they just can't afford it.

Finally, about "how mild the weather has been all year and especially this May and June, so I find your post somewhat amusing if not also a bit out of sync with local conditions. "
.... el detalle that you didn't take into account is that the temp INSIDE one's residence, does NOT necesarily coincide with the outdoor temp, as is the case where I rent, it could easily be 20°F higher than it is outdoors. No breeze enters.
So yes, perhaps the weather has been "mild" OUTDOORS, BUT inside that's not the case, and THAT is precisely what I percieve to be the "inhumane" temperature, for myself, and the need for A/C.

The ecologic issue you mentioned is a valid one, BUT it's separate topic, and was not a part of my discussion, or of the lead post in the thread.

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