Cost of electricity

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, June 25, 2022, 18:17 (52 days ago) @ jaui

We have extremely efficient AC units and haven't had them on in over a year. Don't need AC! "

@Talley Ho

There are some who (attempt) to sleep in temps in the upper 70s, & even a lot higher, and be Mr or Mrs. "tough guy/girl", and get buy with breeze fans. Some may accuse "gringos" to be wimps for not doing so, when those "gringos" prefer to get their rest in a more sleep-friendly temperature range, and thus use A/C. So be it for those folks.

Others may live in an area over the ocean, and are fortunate enough to usually get breezes, and as you say "Don't need A/C", lucky folks. The majority of people aren't blessed with those conditions.

I recently lived for 10 años in a "colonia popular" SIN "clima" (aka aire acondicionado).

That said, the point is that there many people who live in cement sweat boxes, that want to be comfortable and able to sleep well, so they use A/C. Should not blame them at all for doing so, IF they have that option available.

With our normal sunny & hot climate, my current rental easily gets up to the upper 80s minimum, and routinely up to 100°+ inside, for around 18+ hours per day.
While I do have A/C in the bedroom, the rest of the place gets to those inhumane temps I mentioned.

Yes, I certainly do feel that folks who can't acclimate here and MUST use A/C to sleep probably don't belong here because they're bringing here the same unsustainable overconsumptive U.S. lifestyle that's killing the planet.

You don't have to allude to me in such an indirect manner. My feelings won't be hurt, and I have no qualms about making my argument and holding my own.

The majority of people here, MEXICANS from this region, neither need nor use A/C either. Neither they nor I consider the temps "inhumane". My wife's family and I have lived here without electricity and running water, sleeping in hammocks at night and relying on their motion and any breezes to be comfortable. So we know what that's like.

Frankly my wife and I have commented about how mild the weather has been all year and especially this May and June, so I find your post somewhat amusing if not also a bit out of sync with local conditions, but I certainly understand where you're coming from. I simply believe people should live where they are comfortable with the local climate and where they need minimal consumption of energy to be comfortable. In my peculiar manner of thinking, a place like Las Vegas shouldn't even exist. It represents pretty much everything that's wrong with U.S. culture.

You can reason and argue with me all you want, but that is the way I have always felt about humans living on this precious planet we are unfortunately destroying with our collective ignorance and arrogance. It doesn't make me right or you wrong, it only means we have different points of view. Thanks for sharing yours.
Un saludo.

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