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I did use the AC more last year, because the owner remodeled and removed all of the screens. The first time I left the glass doors in the bedroom open, a bat came into the room. So I used the AC in the bedroom, only for a few hours each night. If that constitutes burning the owner with a huge electric bill, I guess I did. I am only trying to find out if 50 USD per night is a reasonable price. As it turns out, it’s probably outrageous "



Several Z Board users have already provided good answers to your question in the lead post of this thread.

What I wanted to add / ask you about Donna, is:

1. Was the CFE / electricity / A/C included in your rent? (my impression is that it was)

2. Is the option available for you to pay the CFE bill separately from the rent, as it arrives once every two months?

At my rental, when the CFE bill arrives, the landlady brings it to me, and I pay the amount of the recibo, done deal, works out well.
Personally, I like that arrangement best, (when it can be done) since it's fair for both the tenant and the owner.

The owner here also has a 4,000 peso "security deposit" of mine, that I imagine would be applied to the CFE bill (or other expenses) IF need be, as a very knowledgeable contributor to your post correctly noted that a CFE bill could get to be pretty steep, depending on your A/C consumption habits, as well as what appliances one uses, (apart from the A/C.)

Regards :-D

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