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And thanks for clearing up that your abode is unusually warm due to its situation and construction, as are way too many places built in the past few decades. Built either very cheaply or using architectural features that don't work in our warm tropical region. The few old homes left here, the older homes in Agua de Correa, Coacoyul and especially the old section of Petatlán all feature architectural styles that reflect what works here to keep a home refreshing and cool most of the year. Just because an architect uses palapa, adobe and exotic woods doesn't make a place comfortable. Light, sunshine and airflow all must be taken into account. But many new constructions make living without A/C nearly impossible. I get where you're coming from and didn't mean to sound critical of you. My apologies, amigo. "


@Z Rob

You're most welcome, "apologies" accepted :-D
I sincerely do most appreciate that you took your valuable time to take a 2nd look at my situation, and came to the conclusion you did as mentioned above, recognizing the variety of factors involved that affect the temperature inside one's abode.

It's logical, easy and really is not at all unreasonable to think that, if the weather outside is mild, cooler than usual, etc, that inside one's living space, it would accordingly reflect those actual weather conditions.
As you astutely evaluated & recognized that, NO, that is not necessarily the case, as is with my situation, as I described about the extraordinary and very extreme heat I have to deal with inside my abode, which really is intolerable.
IF I had know about that detail in advance, I would NOT have rented the place.
The landlady just said it was "warm", which fell way short of the actual truth.
I told her about the extreme heat temp, and suggested that they install an A/C unit. Unfortunately, she refuses to do that.

At any rate, besides the heat problem, I do like the place, & I'm trying to locate a portable room cooler so I can avoid the other option which is to move again. A tech said that taking into account the size of the room (5m x 9m), it would require un aire de 2 toneladas to adequately cool it down.

The owners, e.g. taking into account that this rental unit en la colonia turística de La Madera is usually rented to foreigners who demand and are rightfully entitled to a reasonable level of comfort, and for the price that they normally charge, aren't complying with what seems to be as their inherent obligation as owners of this class of rental property, to see to it that the renters are able to have a comfortable enjoyable humane room temperature in the unit, or at least have that option available.
If a tenant chooses not to use their A/C (assuming it has A/C) and "sweat it out" that's their business, but again, they most definitely should have the option to keep cool B-) inside the rental unit. What would your opinion be on that?



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