Cost of accommodation

by midalake @, Monday, June 27, 2022, 08:22 (50 days ago) @ Donna

I did use the AC more last year, because the owner remodeled and removed all of the screens. The first time I left the glass doors in the bedroom open, a bat came into the room. So I used the AC in the bedroom, only for a few hours each night. If that constitutes burning the owner with a huge electric bill, I guess I did. I am only trying to find out if 50 USD per night is a reasonable price. As it turns out, it’s probably outrageous.

I Think others have had a good idea. Talk with the owner. A great solution would be to offer to pay the electric bill during your stay. When you arrive a meter reading can be done. Then you can also follow along on your use. The CFE bill is straight forward on Kwh's used. As a guide anything over 50kWh/a day would be fairly heavy use. When we stay at our place the use is about 12kWh/a day without air-conditioning.

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