New Pricing at Campo de Golf Palma Real

by IXTZIHUA, Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 21:50 (92 days ago) @ Wonderful Wino

My gosh that's so damn ridiculous!!

When I use to vacation down there frequently from roughly 1992 thru about 2000 I brought my own clubs down because I absolutely loved that course and layout as well.

Now granted it was a steal back then to play, and of course prices will go up some over time. But as many of you mentioned $125 is WAY OUT OF LINE for that place.
The rates are so bad that I wouldn't even consider shooting twilight at that number.

From my perspective dumping money to rehab or build a clubhouse/sportsbar is an true waste of money.
If I vacation in Mexico I'm shooting my round of golf and having some beers out on the course and then getting out of there and doing something else.

What a shame.....that place will fail big time.

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