New Pricing at Campo de Golf Palma Real

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 30, 2022, 13:50 (40 days ago) @ mosesk

The new owner has made it clear that his focus is on the AI hotels and Timeshares along the beach on Playa El Palmar. He is a successful real estate developer who recently completed a project on the hills overlooking Playa La Ropa. And yes, his future plans are to have a restaurant upstairs and remove the tennis courts in front of Palma Real and build condos. He's also planning on reconfiguring hole #15 (their signature hole with the green adjacent to the beach) and build more condos there. He claims in three years or so the course will be among the best in Mexico. It is a beautiful Robert Trent Jones design that was damaged pretty bad from Hurricane Rick last October. As a full time resident I would have to play an average of twice a week for a year to get the price down to a reasonable $50U.S. Not impossible, but my physical health and the iffy weather over the summer might not let that happen. And $60,000P is a lot to bet on a dry summer and a healthy back! There is another course in town, Marina Ixtapa G.C., with more reasonable rates, but the course is in terrible shape IMO. You can buy a fifty round package, golf and cart, for just under $1,000P; there are packages available for fewer rounds. Their cart situation is terrible as well right now, although they are supposed to get carts from Palma Real this fall when Palma Real gets "newer" carts with GPS this fall.

Not being a golfer, what is the need for GPS?
Is it that easy to get lost on a golf course?

It's so the people who run the golf course can keep track of golfers and carts.

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