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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 30, 2022, 20:54 (39 days ago)


Health officials for Guerrero report 18 currently active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, 6 in Petatlán, 491 in Acapulco, and 766 for the entire state. It's spreading. Time to take precautions and to mask up around others. Hopefully we'll hear info about some booster shots soon.

Personally I think it's a damn shame to see legitimate complaints posted here and in other public forums by our repeat visitors go totally ignored by our municipal authorities and hoteleros with the result that many former visitors, including property owners, stop coming to Zihuatanejo. People with pets, people who like to sit on the beach in their own chairs with their own umbrellas and their own food and drink, people who enjoy sitting around a small campfire on the beach singing, drinking and dancing now go elsewhere thanks to the stupid draconian Blue Flag rules. All of these things so many visitors and locals used to enjoy doing we can no longer do on the beaches where we've enjoyed ourselves for so many years. Same with the problems at the Palma Real golf course. For years readers here have been stating why they use the golf course less and less, yet year after year those complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The result is less golfers and less income for the golf course. Now a so-called developers has bought it and lost even more golfers by raising prices. Raising prices when demand is down sounds like something someone seeking to launder money would do because they don't care if they actually lose a little money, right? Because nothing else makes sense. :ponder:

Summer has certainly arrived. Today was one of those classic hot and humid days, though not too hot, but the shade was the place to be most of the day. Folks were out enjoying their morning walk around the waterfront of our almost glass-calm bay whose water certainly is inviting. No sleeping under the sheets lately, and no need for hot water in the shower. ;-)

It's still looking like we may have a hurricane brush by our coast next Tuesday. Looks like it might hug the coast from Nicaragua all the way to Manzanillo. This is the type of storm that's been predicted to be more common for us this year. Keep an eye on our local weather.

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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

An overnight visitor left her footprints... and something else. ;-)

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