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by Ironwood @, Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 14:01 (126 days ago) @ Dougschuler

I had that same problem. It was resolved by working with my Dr. and the pharmacy and I got a vacation supply ie and extra month supply. Explain the dilemma to your Dr and I bet he can work something out for you.

My Canadian public service health plan pays for a three month supply of prescription drugs, which is the standard GP prescription. With a simple phone call, and our GP's assistance, we easily get six months supply, for those long Zihua stays we used to enjoy.

For those Americans frustrated by Joe Manchin's opposition to lowering prescription drug prices, our most recent purchase of a 3-month supply of the
nine prescription drugs my wife and I regularly use goes as follows:
---Total price $249.76, less the approx. 70-80% our healthcare insurance covers, less the $4/prescription discount our local pharmacy provides = net out-of-pocket $19.58
On an annual basis, that's $999.04 for $78.32

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