Mexico City to Zihua Drive

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 14:13 (17 days ago) @ Little Guy

I know must people know this, but I was surprised how long the drive is from Mexico City (7 and half hours according to Google).

It is many years since I have spent any time in DF, but I was there in May. It reaffirmed my thought that it could easily take me an hour or two just getting into or out of DF! :-)

A couple of years ago I had a one-hour flight from ZIH to MEX. It took over two hours. The airport wad so busy, we had over an hour of circling, waiting for a landing slot.

I love seeing what is in DF and the area, but not the congestion. Give me the relative tranquility of our area any day.

Years ago, driving from Canada on our way south to Oaxaca, we thought we would zip through DF on freeways. Ha! The traffic started 75 km north of Mexico bad that we took an exit to Toluca and eventually got to Oaxaca by a very long detour around DF.

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