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by Ironwood @, Friday, August 12, 2022, 11:58 (53 days ago) @ Talley Ho

Damn! I feel so bad because I just tried to post a message about safety in Zihua after being asked, as a resident about it.

It's turned into a very political post when all that I intended was a statement about how we felt about a response about personal safety here.

Obviously no one gave a shit about it.

No need to feel bad: thread creep is unavoidable. I think most foreign visitors to Mexico and Zihua definitely do give a shite about safety. I was a little disappointed that your initial post repeated the usual "If you think Zihua is bad, you should see what it's like in .....", but I suppose that's also unavoidable. You touched on something that surely contributes to the problems in Zihua: the local press has been intimidated into silence with regard to reporting what's going on. "Chisme" replaces reporting - never a good thing.
Personally, we hope to get to Zihua again this winter. I'm assuming that conditions for visitors will be no more dangerous than they've been over the past 20+ years we've been coming.

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