update on dogs and La Ropa blue flag

by jakewills @, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 13:02 (33 days ago)

After an uneventful first month here (we are new full time residents), today we got our first real talking-to about walking our dog on La Ropa in the morning. We've been making sure we were off the beach by 8:30, and until today had only had one guy nicely ask us to be careful of turtle nests. Our dog is always on leash and we carry bags to pick up after him.

Today near La Perla we were approached by several guys in DIRECCIÓN DE ECOLOGÍA uniforms. They were polite, but firm, and we kept the conversation civil. When we said the Blue Flag beach ended around the Thompson, they said that changed for 2022 and is now the whole beach. We pointed out the map showed something else, and they said it was not up to date. It sounded like they were citing the department of ecologica, so maybe they are trying to distinguish the regulation from the blue flag thing? (Our Spanish is just ok, and one of them spoke a little English, but it was not all perfectly clear.) They said there were "a large number" of reports of dogs attacking turtles, which I find very hard to believe based on the dogs I have seen on the beach that were not strays.

We asked where we could find the current regulations, and all they said was it was on the ecologica website. I have not been able to find anything like that... all I found with a calendar from 2019 and an announcement about Playa Madera getting blue flag certified on Aug 8, 2022. https://zihuatanejodeazueta.gob.mx/transparencia/ecologia

Does anyone know of another website for the department of ecologica? We are going to lay low for a day, then likely go back earlier in the morning and see if we can fly under the radar. But if approached again, I want to be prepared with what the published regulations are, if any. I'm not looking to cause any trouble, but I also won't be pushed around by phantom regulations when my dog is obviously not causing any problems. If the regs are real, then we'll re-evaluate how to deal with them and express our opinions as residents of Zihua.

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