Trust through Scotia Bank

by Casa Juan @, Friday, September 02, 2022, 17:04 (29 days ago) @ midalake

For me having a trust thru Scotia Bank has been the worst experience I have ever encountered with a financial institution. It is not just one bad experience but rather year after year of incompetence. I have paid three times at the local Scotia branch on Benito Juarez in pesos and scanned and sent a copy to Amarantha in Acapulco by email and despite multiple requests she has NEVER acknowledged that I am current.

I get it that Scotia has thousands of trusts to administer, but all they have to do is give one a proper accounting yearly and mail a postcard reminder when the next payment is due. This is apparently too much to ask for an annual $498 USD fee.

I have heard that Intercam is now handling trusts which I may look into transferring my trust from Scotia if that is legally possible?

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