Truenos FuertíZIHmos

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, September 03, 2022, 21:52 (28 days ago)


Maybe Saturday's Covid-19 data will be available later. Please check back.

The heavy thunder Friday night during the wee hours was so loud it made me jump when it woke me up, but somehow I managed to fall back asleep with it still kabooming. It didn't rain much, but it sure scared the bejeezus out of everyone and ran all the drunks off the beach. Apparently lightning struck a palapa at Cerro del Vigía that burned in spite of the rain. I hope everyone is okay.

Hardly any tourists around this morning, and I heard the water taxis weren't running to Isla Ixtapa because of the waves, pero no me consta. I believe they were still running to Las Gatas.

Please take precautions for the weather event with high winds and heavy rains that we're expecting Sunday night and all day Monday that may also be made worse by rains continuing throughout the week.
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The waves in the bay picked up today, but these are from the last storm that went by.

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