Alaska SFO direct to ZIH

by frostbite @, Hamilton MT, Wednesday, September 07, 2022, 17:16 (24 days ago) @ Little Guy

ANC-SEA-LAX-ZIH used to be pretty easy. We'd leave ANC at 12:30 and arrive at ZIH at 15:25. Twice as far as MSO-SEA-LAX-ZIH, but only $50.00 more. Now that we've moved from Alaska to Montana, ging down from MSO we spend one night in a motel, where we can leave the car for free until our return (cheaper than airport parking) and stay at motels in LAX going and returning. On the way back from ZIH to ANC we'd have to spend a night in SEA. Since our arrival in SEA was after 23:00 and our departure to ANC was fairly early, we'd sleep in the children's playroom on concourse A. There were rarely any kids playing that late, the benches were fairly comfortable and there was no loudspeaker overhead. The last few times we went to Zihua, we were unable to use any of my many Alaska Visa miles to upgrade to first class.

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