Alaska SFO direct to ZIH

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Thursday, September 08, 2022, 20:51 (23 days ago) @ Timmac
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We had to fly from Zihuatanejo to the California bay area in August, with paddle boards.

We flew to LAX, stayed overnight at the Fairfield, nice, great shuttles, close to the airport, Carl's Jr. next door and Ralph's across the street. Wonderful things for us. Breakfast was fine.

Think Tillamook sharp cheddar and Jarlsberg swiss. If anyone one wants to bring us a piece of two, we'll make of buy margaritas!!!

From there we flew to San Jose on SouthWest because the Alaska hopper planes wouldn't hold our boards. Did our thing up there and flew back Southwest the same day.

Stayed overnight at the FairField again, and caught the return flight from LAX to home with our boards, first class. LOVED IT!!! No stress, great food and drink. Nothing like checking our new boards and going to the lounge, getting great food (think sausage, bagels with cream cheese) and drinks and walking the 50 feet to our gate only to be fed champagne as soon as we got on!

We were the first ones off the plane as were our new boards. If we EVER have to return to the US, it's first class from LA to here.

May we never have to return.

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