Alaska SFO direct to ZIH

by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Thursday, September 08, 2022, 22:07 (23 days ago) @ Talley Ho

OMG!!! We probably walked upwards of a MILE before we finally got to the customs immigration bench. There was only one restroom along the way, and one drinking fountain.

When I had to return to the US, probably 12 years ago with encephalitis and being marginally mobile, I would have been passed out along the way. I was traveling solo.

Welcome to the US, it's almost embarrassing to be a US citizen.

At least there is a restroom...

About ready to drop by the time I got to answer pointed questions about what I had been doing in Mexico, and what I was bringing back with me, ("living there", and "nothing";) and I'm in reasonably good shape for an old man.

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