Alaska SFO direct to ZIH

by Ironwood @, Saturday, September 10, 2022, 00:57 (23 days ago) @ Julian

Currently , the SFO flight to Zih returns to LAX on Saturday’s . The LAX flight to Zihua returns to SFO. We flew it last week . Seems odd but that’s what they are doing .

I don't know if the schedules for late February and early April would be the same, but what day of the week was that direct flight ZIH to SFO?

I'm trying to book on-line using Alaska airmiles, from Kelowna, BC to Seattle, SEA to SFO and SFO to ZIH. But none of the flight options shown include SFO. they're all SEA/LAX/ZIH and the same coming home.
I'm going to phone them to inquire. Is there some rule that says flights using Alaska airmiles can only be booked on-line?

Julian: are you the fellow that helped Salvador with his menu years ago? Any idea if he has opened somewhere else, and if so, where?

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