Airfare Jungle and Trip Cancellation/Interruption

by Ironwood @, Saturday, September 10, 2022, 17:10 (23 days ago)

Booking airfares must be one of life's most unpleasant, stressful, irritating activities, but the airlines have us by the ....., don't they?

When one purchases trip cancellation/interruption insurance as part of the ticket price, the insurance provider is typically an insurance company, rather than the airline. What, then, does that insurance cover, in the following situations?

---Alaska Airlines, where the full, unreduced fare is, say, $950. However, by using 80,000 Alaska airmiles, the reduced fare is, say, $200. out-of-pocket.

---WestJet, where the full, unreduced fare might be $950, but by combining several of that airlines perks, (a companion fare, "WestJet Dollars", and the credits accumulated in a WestJet "Travel Bank";), the out-of-pocket is only $250

In the event of cancellation, does insurance cover only the actual out-of-pocket? How could the insurance policy cover 80,000 un-used Alaska airmiles, or the WestJet companion fare/WestJet Dollars/Travel Bank credits?

(I tried calling one of the insurance companies today....Saturday....but the rep couldn't provide any info, even of the most general kind, unless I had a policy number. ("Why would I buy a policy if I don't know what it covers?";).... and the sales department isn't open 'til Monday.

And I don't know how those Happy Faces got in there. Nothing happy about booking airfares these days.

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