Airfare Jungle and Trip Cancellation/Interruption

by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Sunday, September 11, 2022, 11:01 (22 days ago) @ Ironwood

Booking airfares must be one of life's most unpleasant, stressful, irritating activities, but the airlines have us by the ....., don't they?

When one purchases trip cancellation/interruption insurance as part of the ticket price, the insurance provider is typically an insurance company, rather than the airline. What, then, does that insurance cover, in the following situations?

---Alaska Airlines, where the full, unreduced fare is, say, $950. However, by using 80,000 Alaska airmiles, the reduced fare is, say, $200. out-of-pocket.

---WestJet, where the full, unreduced fare might be $950, but by combining several of that airlines perks, (a companion fare, "WestJet Dollars", and the credits accumulated in a WestJet "Travel Bank";), the out-of-pocket is only $250

In the event of cancellation, does insurance cover only the actual out-of-pocket? How could the insurance policy cover 80,000 un-used Alaska airmiles, or the WestJet companion fare/WestJet Dollars/Travel Bank credits?

(I tried calling one of the insurance companies today....Saturday....but the rep couldn't provide any info, even of the most general kind, unless I had a policy number. ("Why would I buy a policy if I don't know what it covers?";).... and the sales department isn't open 'til Monday.

And I don't know how those Happy Faces got in there. Nothing happy about booking airfares these days.

So true, like many other things, flying has gotten way more complex than it needs to be. 'Member when you could just walk up to the counter, pay cash for a ticket to Chicago, and 30 minutes later be on your way to see grandma without once ever being suspected of terrorism?

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