Airfare Jungle and Trip Cancellation/Interruption

by Ironwood @, Sunday, September 11, 2022, 16:59 (22 days ago) @ wisconsinjuan

Why would you insure a $200 flight?

Missing the whole point, obviously. The $200 might be the out-of-picket, but what about the 80,000 Alaska airmiles I had to redeem to get that $200 flight? What about losing the companion fare, and the $500 in WestJet Dollars that took me a year or two to accumulate? Or the $250 in WestJet "Travel Bank Credits" that I got because they lost our luggage for four days, last time we flew? That companion fare, WestJet Dollars and Travel Bank Credits all contributed to the $200 out-of-pocket fare for the WestJet flight.

On one of these flights, the insurance premium for cancellation/interruption was $139. So, my question was 'what does the insurance cover?' Obviously, a $139 premium to cover a $200 out-of-pocket would be ridiculous.

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