Airfare Jungle and Trip Cancellation/Interruption

by Ironwood @, Monday, September 12, 2022, 13:24 (21 days ago) @ Timmac

in the past when we have had to cancel mileage tickets on Alaska, our miles and taxes have been refunded.

Thanks. I'm betting that for peasants like us who travel "Econo coach", airline cancellation policies may be a tad more restrictive than for the high rollers up at the front.

Most of the responses were not helpful, as usual. Nothing involving insurance is ever straight forward. We once accumulated enough "Airmiles" (a loyalty program here in Canada, not affiliated with any airline) for two return trips to the Far East. Instead, I used most of those miles for a return trip from western Canada to the Maritimes. I elected not to purchase trip cancellation insurance, then later had to cancel for medical reasons....and lost all those Airmiles, and the cash out-of-pocket. No recourse.

I called Allianz Insurance today, (WestJet uses them) for general info.
Q - If I purchase your trip cancellation/interruption insurance on flights that cost, say $2000, but the price was reduced to, say $400 by using various airline programs like companion fares, "travel bank credits" or "WestJet Dollars" what would your trip cancellation/interruption insurance cover?
A - The $400.
Q - I would have to fight with the airline to re-instate the companion fares,
and the other things that reduced the fares from $2000 down to $400?
A - That's right.

Getting information from the airline is virtually impossible, either by phone: ("Your call is important to us. We are experiencing higher-than-normal call volumes....yada, yada) or on their next-to-useless website. I'll keep digging.

For those brave souls who never purchase flight insurance: maybe when you're in your late 70s, with the potential health issues that could arise during the five months between booking and flying, and you don't want to lose all the flight credits it has taken you 3-5 years to "earn", you'll think about cancellation insurance. Maybe not.

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