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Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the US.” All Mexicans know the quote. A rueful reflection on proximity to a powerful, expansionist neighbour attributed to the wily dictator Porfirio Diaz.

The troubled history began soon after Mexico wrested independence from Spain in 1821. The young, rickety republic lacked resources and people to cultivate and protect its northern lands from comanches and US expansionism.

So in a blunder regretted to this day it invited US settlers to farm the land on condition they drop slavery, become Catholics and swear fealty to Mexico. The settlers rebelled and despite losing the Alamo-won independence, creating the Republic of Texas in 1836.

A decade later President Polk sensed a chance to extend the US south and to the Pacific. The 1846-48 invasion and occupation ravaged Mexico and forced it to cede modern-day California, Nevada, Utah as well as a lot of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, plus a bit of Wyoming.

Mexico still reveres “los niños héroes” – the child heroes – who supposedly fought the invaders and then leaped from a fortress to martyrdom, clutching a flag, rather than surrender.


A bit of myth there, even though the garrison they were defending was ordered to be evacuated without resistance by Gen. Nicolás Bravo, only one cadet allegedly wrapped himself in the flag and leapt to his death, and the invading army did not wear green uniforms (thus it is not the origin of the word gringo), but it's the same battle the San Patricios helped fight in, giving their lives for the same righteous cause that Mexico was fighting for.

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