backup for Telmex and Telcel?

by jakewills @, Sunday, September 18, 2022, 14:31 (15 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Yeah, I'm not looking to change from Telmex. From everything I have heard and experienced so far, they are solid. Really looking for a celluar backup since it seems like Telcel won't be able fulfill that need for me.

Rob, are you saying all the celluar providers are using the Telcel network and infrastructure (and effectively dependent on Telmex), so they would go down too if Telmex goes down? I could imagine that being the case in a smaller market like Zihua. It just seems like there is some other network out there that was still working since I could get some data through my Fi SIM even when Telcel was out.

Point taken about taking the opportunity to put down the devices and enjoy paradise with loved ones. On the weekend I can do that. Weekdays I am still somewhat bound by the demands and perceptions of the job that enables us to live in this paradise. And unfortunately there are some people who would love to say "see, that's why we should not allow international remote work", so I have to be more reliable than everyone else.

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