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That's a bit ethnocentric. In Mexico, like any Spanish-speaking country, words are normally pronounced by Spanish rules, same as English rules are used in Anglo-speaking countries. To insist it should be otherwise is being ethnocentric, IMHO and experience. That's why when foreigners use foreign names for their lodgings in Zihuatanejo, such as Tides, locals are going to pronounce it TEE days. Same with Palmolive soap. Pahl mo LEE vay. You say toe MAY toe, we say toe MAH toe. ;-)
Un saludo. "


@Z Rob

Call it how you like, and, that may be the case.

And I did NOT "INSIST".
It was simply a suggestion on how at least I.M.O. what the ideal pronounciation should be, as in the language of the origin of the word.
I know that that'll never happen.
I already indicated that..." correct for a MX person, using the Spanish grammar "rules".

For the most part, obviously people who speak whatever language it is they have as their 1st language, will naturally add that accent and manner to the pronunciation.

I was just commenting on what I.M.O SHOULD be the correct pronounication of the word, as it would be, without adding Spanglish or other deviations to it.

As I cited the example of the highly skilled bilingual t.v personality that when she was speaking in Spanish, and a word in English came up, she would use that pronounciation, and not convert it to "Spanglish", or use the Spanish grammar rules to pronounce it.
Though I have heard other speakers do the same, it is rare to hear someone speak as such.


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