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All my life...we have pronounced it in Mexico City and elsewhere as (phonetically)...Liberpul...with an accent on the U...

Así es la pronunciación correcta aquí en México. "

I would say yes and no:
The Yes being that would typically be as you said, correct for a MX person, using the Spanish grammar "rules", as applied to the "Liverpool" word.
That said, the No being:
The correct pronounciation, IF it is a word en Inlgés, would be how an English speaker would say it.
MANY words get pretty mangled and end up being deviated by speakers of both languages.
For example the loads of US cities in towns con nombres en Español, are habitually mispronounced there in the US by that population, that's to say IF it is a palabra en Español, I.M.O it should be spoken as such. Though, obviously most English speakers don't have that down, and vice versa.

Lastly, I recall a very skilled bilingual lady t.v. personality who I admired because when she was speaking en Español, and an English word came up, she would pronounce it exactly and properly as an English as 1st language speaker does. NO "Spanglish".
So, she wouldn't say "Liberpúl", she would say it as an English speaking person does.

Gosh, I hope if you're going on vacation to France, you don't tell folks you'll be spending a few days in "Paree". There's a good word in English for that: it's "affected." ;-)

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