by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego/Rosarito, Sunday, October 02, 2022, 09:04 (55 days ago) @ Steveo

Padrino, speaking of “ happiness in the mouth” does the Ortega Bro still have there restaurants in Puerto Nuevo ?
The restaurant at the end of the road on the water was there best.

As Zihuateco mentioned, they are still there but if you have not been in some time, you would only recognize the place by the sign. It is now huge and they have another in Rosarito. The sleepy little patch of ground by the road to Ensenada that was Puerto Nuevo has grown substantially and there are numerous other restaurants offering the local lobster signature dishes as well as shops selling Mexican art and souvenirs. Definitely one of the spots to visit if you ever travel to the Tijuana / Rosarito / Ensenada / Valle de Guadalupe region.

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